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The MicroPro grill is our February Sign On bonus for saying YES to the Tupperware #Opportunity ...
It’s a GRILL that goes in the MICROWAVE!

Want to learn a little more about why I love what I do???

Contact me to chat and learn more! There are 6 types of Consultants, which one fits you best? 

One of the biggest fears people have about becoming a consultant is, you guessed it…. Becoming the pushy, car salesman-type! Most, if not all, of us felt this way before we started with Tupperware! None of us want to become the friend who all of our friends avoid or think we’ll become that person spamming our friends’ news feeds with Tupperware products, right? I’m here to tell you this doesn’t need to happen to be successful.

For me, I just simply SHARE how Tupperware works for me in a busy life & I talk about it naturally while living life...out and about with friends, random strangers as I get compliments on my products, etc! We are a walking billboard for our business which is what I love.

 Also, we encourage all our consultants to create VIP Facebook groups to add your interested clients so you never feel like you have to post on your newsfeed all the time! Smart, right? And word of mouth helps you grow your business! This product naturally sells itself. Your friends/family members & clients are going to fall in love with Tupperware too and tell all their friends and add them to your group. Naturally, it will grow & grow!

Something to think about... What is something that you currently use and love and share with your friends about that you don’t receive commission on. If you use and love Tupperware products, could you also share with your friends and family in that same way? Just a little food for thought!


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phone: (901) 491-3986
Offer Valid: February 6, 2020February 28, 2020
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