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Ways to Improve Communication Between Departments

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Building an environment in your business where ideas and communication flow freely between departments is a must for running a successful operation. When collaboration gets bottlenecked, it can greatly hamper the effectiveness of your business's projects. Luckily, there are many ways that you can boost interdepartmental communication to help your business run smoother.

The Pitfalls of Bad Communication

Making sure that workers across different departments freely communicate with each other has many benefits, including better quality of life for workers, more productive workflow, and improved workplace culture. Without consistent communication between departments, tasks can get slowed down as there is no clear and mutually shared understanding of business goals and expectations.

Common Points of Failure

There are many factors that can contribute to communication problems, from business politics to geographic discrepancies between departments. Sometimes, logistical challenges such as not having a centralized place for communication can cause poor collaboration. Additionally, scheduling heads of departments on different shifts or overloading one department with work can cause a backflow in communication. Whatever the cause, it's important to address the problem before it becomes too severe.

Strategies to Improve Collaboration

Businesses can take many steps to improve communication issues between departments and improve workflow. Take the initiative with your business by locating any potential communication problems early before they become too troublesome. Creating a plan of action and ensuring you can measure the results is crucial to guarantee improvements in your business communications.

Schedule Regular Meetings

Scheduling team meetings on a weekly basis can greatly help in promoting open communication between departments. Consider getting multiple departments together to discuss mutually agreed upon goals so that everybody is on the same page. Assigning specific roles to each department can also help to foster an environment of open communication.

Create a Standard Method for Communication

There are many types of communication in the workplace, from in-person communication to online or over-the-phone messages. Make a decision among departments on which method you would like to use for certain tasks, and stick to it. By perhaps having only department heads communicate virtually and preferring in-person communication within each department, you can ensure that no confusion happens regarding who reports to whom.

Present Reports to Leadership

When collaborating between departments to create and present reports to business leadership, you'll want to ensure each department has a specific role assigned to them to avoid confusion. If you have several documents, graphs, or charts to include in the presentation, consider using an online PDF tool to keep everything organized in a single file. These online tools also make it easy to reorder, rotate, or insert pages to a PDF from the document.

Building a Collaborative Environment

With just a bit of planning and strategy changes, communications between departments can begin to take a turn for the better. To improve your business operations even more, take advantage of employee training resources and other benefits by joining your local chamber of commerce.


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